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carefree black girls

quiet black girls

hood black girls

headbanger black girls

shy black girls

fearless black girls

hotheaded black girls

stubborn black girls

spiritual black girls

introverted black girls

independent black girls

slutty black girls

asexual black girls

hyper-feminine black girls

potty-mouthed black girls

bald black girls

cute black girls

squeaky voiced black girls

b l a c k g i r l s

I love you all

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this is my favorite internet phenomenon that i have experienced since i joined tumblr three years ago.

why are  we not talking about the fact that some of these screencaps are still moving

Should I feel bad about reblogging this from my catholic school’s computer?

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White people destroyed 3/4s of the world for spices and have the nerve not to season their food.

this post wont die 

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help im broke i spent all my money on coffee

jk i have 5 more dollars just enough for another coffee

help im broke i spent all my money on coffee

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"Be the girl his ex-girlfriend will hate, his mom will love, and the one he will never forget."
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Fiona Apple ” Criminal”

The anthem….

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Currently in heavy rotation.

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Cleveland baseball fans stand against racism by #DeChiefing their gear

In the past few months, debate surrounding the use of racial caricatures as pro sports mascots has reached a fever pitch. Just ask the Washington Redskins, who’ve endured significant backlash for both their refusal to change their name and their half-assed attempts to placate their critics.

But a few miles west, fans of the MLB’s Cleveland Indians are taking a stand. In a motion of solidarity, a small but growing number have been “de-Chiefing” their paraphernalia by removing the offensive “Chief Wahoo” mascot from caps and jerseys that bear its likeness.

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why the fuck is the giraffe behind her in a wig

why the fuck is the giraffe behind her in a wig

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